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Totem is a team of experts in service design, journalism, digital development and custom publishing. With a rich history of storytelling, we bring a systematic approach and a design mentality to our work, helping our clients build trust and develop thoughtful narrative experiences for their audiences.

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Bridgeable Logo

Bridgeable is an award-winning strategy and service design firm that takes a human-centered approach to helping organizations innovate and grow. We help clients cross the “Know-Do Gap”—the chasm between what is known about a complex problem and how it can be solved. We research, translate, and design impactful experiences.

Usability Matters

Usability Matters is an accomplished user experience strategy, design, research, and service design studio with an unrivalled track record for results. Delivering exceptional user experiences for over 13 years, leading the industry through their unique combination of rigorous research, actionable insights, and smart, thoughtful user centred design. We service global brands as well as local businesses. Proven experts at putting users at the centre of digital development and design, helping create online experiences that are remarkable and compelling.

Usability Matters: Technology should work for people.

Visit www.usabilitymatters.com to learn more.

Follow us on Twitter @umatters



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If you’re interested in sponsoring and/or speaking at Service Jam Toronto 2015, please contact us here:


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