Spencer Beacock

Associate, Design Research at Bridgeable

Spencer seeks to understand how people think and act, and applies that knowledge in the reimagination of processes and experiences.

At Bridgeable he combines skills in digital design, workshop design, and qualitative research to develop communications strategies and redesign service systems. Previously, he designed communication technologies for seniors, assisted in the development of a multi-stakeholder strategy for wetland management, and was published in Touchpoint, the journal of the Service Design Network.


Chris Ferguson

CEO at Bridgeable

Chris is passionate about supporting the Bridgeable team and clients in bridging the gap between consumer insights and business impact.

Chris leads strategy and design projects with some of the world¹s largest and most innovative organizations. His work with the team at Bridgeable has been honored with numerous awards and he writes and presents regularly about the intersection between human-centered design and business strategy. He holds degrees in Biology and Entrepreneurship.

Markus Grupp

Markus Grupp

Apps & Service Design Manager at TELUS

Markus leads Apps & Service Design at TELUS, responsible for delivering great experiences across digital and non-digital touch points for TELUS customers.

He previously started and led the user experience team at Rogers Communications, responsible for delivering the end-to-end digital experiences for a large portfolio for entertainment and communications products across mobile, tablet, web, and connected TV apps.

Over the past decade, Markus has held leadership roles in user experience, product design and product management at Orange/France Telecom, Nokia/ Mobile Innovation and several international digital design agencies in Europe and Canada. Markus and his teams have designed a large portfolio of highly successful, award-winning products, including one that was awarded the Red Dot Product Design Award (jointly awarded with ZTE). Markus has also successfully embedded design thinking and user-centred design capabilities, processes and governance in large corporate settings, building the Rogers User Experience Design Centre of Excellence at Rogers and the Digital Review Board at TELUS.

Markus holds a Master’s degree in interaction design from the University of Westminster, London and a Bachelor’s degree in Arts & Business with an International Trade Specialization from the University of Waterloo, Canada.

Daniel Laboni

Daniel Iaboni, PhD

Senior Experience Architect at Akendi

Daniel is dedicated to creating and improving designs to provide an exceptional interaction among users, their environment and their tools. To achieve this goal Daniel utilizes knowledge from the fields of engineering, computer science, psychology and anthropology learned while completing a Doctorate in Systems Design Engineering from the University of Waterloo with a focus on human factors, cognitive ergonomics and user-centered design.

For the past 4 year, Daniel has been leading a team completing user research, UX design and usability testing for clients in a variety of sectors. Prior to joining Akendi Daniel was the user experience designer for Brock Solutions, and was instrumental in the design of web, mobile and kiosk interfaces used by airports and airlines around North America and Europe. In addition, Daniel has provided independent human factors consulting services for several large and medium enterprises.


Shannah Segal

Principal at Usability Matters

Shannah’s mission, privilege and pleasure is to continue to grow Canada’s most highly regarded user experience consultancy. She personifies the qualities of a small business leader – imagination, creativity, the ability to support a team, and the desire to see her clients succeed.

Shannah’s affinity for user experience comes from her genuine interest in people. In her many years as a principal of Usability Matters, she has worked with folks who manage media companies, deliver flyers, make cement, run airlines, design games for children, grant medical accreditation, manage libraries, trade mutual funds, cope with disability, suffer terminal illnesses, sell insurance, revitalize cities, work in call centres, are entrepreneurs, bloggers, students, lawyers, journalists, doctors, parents, immigrants, travellers, movie-goers, foodies, and sports fans. Her joy in understanding people ­ their hopes, hang-ups and humanity ­ is infectious and embodies everything she does.

Shannah has a BA in Communication Studies and training in Project Management, Technical and Creative Writing and Studies in Education. She is currently pursuing a Master of Design in Strategic Foresight and Innovation at the Ontario College of Art and Design, and is a member of the Association of Professional Futurists.

·       Likes to channel her old-time strongman and swing some kettlebells now and then

·       Has a predilection for all things zombie

·       Is diving headlong into the world of foresight and design futures


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