Resources & Tools

The Toronto Service Design Jam has been designed for jammers of all levels. New to Service Design? Not a problem! We’ll have friendly mentors guiding you through the design process over the weekend. Want to prep a bit before the Jam, build up your toolbox or just read about interesting service design case studies? Check out the links below!

What is Service Design anyways?

The (great) basics

Case Studies

What are the tools of service design?


An excellent categorized colleciton of Service Design Books is available at

Misc. Websites

Tools for the jam – staying legal

We must respect copyright on any images, films, logos, and especially music used! Material you make at the Jam is uploaded under a Creative Commons license and stored on the Jam server. Only use materials you know are “SAFE”:

  • Material you make yourself​
  • Material which you buy online, and where you buy a license to use it (can be cheap)
  • Material published as “Public Domain”
  • Material published under an appropriate “Creative Commons” license (there are several different licenses, so please check which applies. Some require you credit the creator upon use.)

Here are some resources, don’t forget to attribute any images, videos or music clips to their rightful owner! (thank you to LA Service Design Jam for putting this list together):




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